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Pilot Whale Chalets

The Pilot Whale Chalets were named after the long finned pilot whales which inhabit the coastal waters of Cape Breton in pods of 10-20 during the summer and fall seasons! These beautiful mammals were an ideal representation of the stunning nature and adventure found in Northern Cape Breton. We are proud that our Chalets offer guests natural beauty log cabin style accommodation choices – 10 beautiful Chalets and 2 spacious Suites.

Located along the world famous Cabot Trail, you will find spectacular scenery and tranquil views in Chéticamp. The Pilot Whale Chalets property is in a prime location, nestled beneath the mountains of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, set along the coastline and within the village of Chéticamp. A great location to set out and explore the Cabot Trail and return at the end of the day to enjoy the evening ocean sunsets and our seaside village amenities!

The Chéticamp Region of Nova Scotia has always been famous for its strong cultural Acadian pride and heritage. Many of our historical traditions continue in the daily life of our community. You can experience and taste our French Acadian culture through our music, theatre, cuisine, art, and much more.

View of Highlands from Grand-Étang.
Sunset View from Pilot Whale Chalets.

Acadian Pride & Heritage

Pierre Bois and Joseph Richard, founded the Acadian village of Chéticamp in 1782. A few years later in 1785 families started to arrive in the St. Joseph du Moine area. Following the dispersion of 1755, when the Acadian settlers were exiled from Nova Scotia, hundreds arrived on these shores taking refuge after years of exile and settling here to build a vibrant French-speaking community.

Due to fear of another British imposed expulsion, these settlers built their homes and cultivated land in the forests away from the shores. In later years, this fear subsided and families began to move down to the shore and participate in the fishing industry as a means of modest income.

Over the years, many of the French traditions have been passed down and are still practiced to this day. The Acadian Region of Chéticamp is the only francophone community on the Cabot Trail and boasts the distinct and authentic joie de vivre of their living culture. From the music, songs and dance, to colour, world-renowned hooked rugs and folk art, Chéticamp and St. Joseph du Moine are bursting with cultural activities for visitors to enjoy.